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The Way of St Andrews has been revived as one of the great pilgrimages of the world. In time, we hope it will rival that other great pilgrimage, the famous “Camino” to Santiago de Compostela, which every year draws over 200,000 pilgrims, mainly on foot or bike.

At St Andrews , apart from the thrill of walking through the giant ruins of the old cathedral overlooking the famous sandy beaches and the North Sea there is a special circuit for pilgrims round the many places of religious or cultural interest, which might otherwise easily be overlooked. And don’t forget to have your Way card stamped at the tourist office in the main street.

Arriving in Edinburgh, those wanting to limber up for the 100 km way to St Andrews can do a short pilgrimage to Rosslyn Chapel, an easy and scenic 17 km just south of Edinburgh.

The Practical Pilgrim Day held in Edinburgh in March 2015 by the Confraternity of Saint James was a great success attracting record numbers. We will keep you informed about plans for 2016.

The Roman Catholic Archbishop of St Andrews and Edinburgh, and other church leaders are strong supporters of the revival of St Andrews pilgrimage and particularly hope that young people will take part.

Remember, everyone is welcome no matter what religion or belief.

Please look at our Questions and Answers for guidance on our plans and how you can participate.

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