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I am writing as I am hoping in the next 2 years to get to Scotland to walk. How is the infrastructure. Can one just head out and walk with the anticipation of finding lodging? Are there hostels and/or pilgrim rates for lodging? I am nervous as I have limited funds and need to preplan for the financial component. ANy help anyone can provide will be greatly appreciated!
Michele from NYC

Hello Michele,

I'm from here, live in West Lothian, near Edinburgh and I know St Andrew's well. I haven't walked the way yet but have walked the camino in Spain and I'd say there is little comparison. The St Andrew's Way is very new and there will not yet be a strong infrastructure around it of hostels for pilgrims. There are always B&Bs and hotels as this is quite a touristy part of Scotland but I'm not aware of any religious orders offering accomodation. Look at the SYHA website for a full list of hostels in the country and Visit Scotland for B&Bs etc. I think it will be a matter of using maps and working out where you are going to walk to each day and what accomodation is in each area. Also, remember that the star rating of accomodation in Scotland is not really on a par with the US. I would avoid low star rating B&Bs but hostels, well, you know they are all much the same and SYHA hostels are usually of a high standard.

Hope this helps.