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Naming of routes

Two of the six planned routes have already been named. What do you think the others should be called? Your views please.

Can I please suggest the name 'St Ternan's Way' for the Aberdeen to St Andrews route. St Ternan lived in the 5th century and is commonly known as the 'Bishop of the Picts' being traditionally held to have converted many of the Picts whose stronghold of course was the North East of Scotland. There are many places associated with St Ternan in the North East - including Banchory on Deeside ( originally known as Banchory-Ternan) close to Aberdeen where tradition holds that Ternan established a monastery to preach the gospel but also teach 'modern' farming techniques and where St Ternans feast day is celebrated in June with a local fair to this day. Remains of carved crosses were discovered on traditional site of the monastery near to the village graveyard. There were 2 relics associated with St Ternan- his copy of Mathews gospel and his bell or ronnecht, which according to the 'Aberdeen Martyrology' were kept by hereditary keepers in Banchory until the reformation- a bronze bell which may or may not be this was discovered in excavations in 1863 is kept in Banchory east parish church