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Polish Pilgrims - Aberdeen to St Andrews

From a group of Polish friends who made the pilgrimage to St Andrews in July 2015...

From Aberdeen we set out on a trail of St. Andrew on July 3rd, 2015. On the morning that day, in the church of St. Francis in Aberdeen, said good bye to us the parish priest
and Chris Dyos, who already made a couple of times pilgrimage on trails of St. Andrew and of St. Jacob.
We started having our heart in our mouth, with some uncertainty and anxiety, but trusting in God’s Mercy and aid from the Holy Spirit.
There was five of us Polish pilgrims: two men and three women about 60 years old, without any experience in pilgrimages on trails of Scotland or England but with some experience in pilgrimage on trails Camino in Europe. We didn’t reserve any overnight accommodations on our way and it was as if tempting fate.

On the first day we reached Stonehaven, and there doors opened for us the parish priest of Catholic parish, who gave us keys to guest room and we could spend there our first night. And so was later, during our whole way, always in the evening it turned out that overnight stay was found somehow by a miracle, as if somebody invisible watched over us.
We experienced thruout all the days of our pilgrimage enormous hospitality and support from Scots, both Catholics as well as Christians of other kindred faiths.
And so, for example, already on the second day, we enjoyed hospitality on vicarage of Scottish Presbyterian parish in Inverbervie, where we were received by the local Church Minister or parish priest.

One day, it happened in Leven, without any idea where to stay for night, we knocked on first house in the vicinity of the Church and we were immediately received by the owner of the house, widow, whose deceased two years ago husband was great friend Poles.

The other day, a lady, who was jogging on a path, invited us to her house for generous breakfast.

In St. Andrews we came across of „New Dawn in Scotland” ceremony with procession of Saint Mary statue from the parish of St. Jacob to ruins of St. Andrew Cathedral and with great emotion took part in it through the streets of this town.

After reaching St. Andrews we continued our pilgrimage further on the trail of St. Andrew as far as Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital.

chcielibyśmy dotrzec w dniu 7 lipca, znow na obchody New Dawn in Scotland.

Spiritually enriched, we burn with desire to renewed pilgrimage on the St. Andrew path in Scotland in 2016, but this time we would like to start from Newcastle Haxham in the direction of St. Andrews, where we plan to be on July 7th, again to celebrate festivities of New Dawn in Scotland.

And we plan to set off on a pilgrimage around June 16th of this year.

I would like to add that my main intention to pilgrimage is to entreat St. Andrew’s, Scotland’s patron saint, grace for my sons, daughter-in-law and grandchildren, who for dozen or so years live in Aberdeen and chosen Scotland as their new homeland.
Fruits of our pilgrimage are photos which can be found on my pilgrimage blog at:

Pawel Peter
(Paul Peter)

List of participants in last year pilgrimage of St. Andrew trail:

1. Pawel Peter
2. Andrzej Kofluk
3. Ewa Czarnecka
4. Barbara Ochotna
5. Jadwiga Bachrij

A list for year 2016 will be different, new people will be added.

Most of the restrictions for the prevention of the spread of Covid have now been lifted in Scotland and normal pilgrimage activity is now possible. However, when you are planning your pilgrimage, please consult the latest government guidelines and be aware that these can change at short notice.
Most of the restrictions for the prevention of the spread of Covid have now been lifted in Scotland and normal pilgrimage activity is now possible.