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The pilgrimage of a life time- Rev John Brockman

The Pilgrimage of the Rev. R. John Brockmann, TSSF June 25-July 7 2018:

Biking St. Margaret’s Way, St. Margaret’s Elbow, and St. Columba’s Way

I arrived in Edinburgh having previously hiked pilgrimage routes in Ireland

( and in Italy to Assisi (Cammino di Assisi-- earlier in May/June. I would go onto walk the Le

Sentier Notre-Dame-Kapatakan in Quebec after leaving Scotland


I wanted to end in Iona as the big goal of my Scottish journey so the West to East maps

of Bikemap were less helpful that I had hoped. I rented a bike from Oban Cycle and had

it delivered to my hotel in Edinburgh—that way I could just leave the bike in Oban

when I reached there.

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