Barrhill to Colmonell

Part of Part 2 – Whithorn to South Queensferry

Undulating tracks along river valleys, this 17th section of St Ninian’s way starts from Barrhill and, crossing the A714, go north for 300m to the bridge over the Duisk River. Cross bridge and turn left along wood and, keeping the river on your left, arrive at Behamage (3 km). Take track to north-west to join the road (1 km) and continue along road and track to Ligartie (1 km) . Go north-east along minor road to Pinwheery (2 km). Turn left, south, along A714, cross bridge ( 300 m) and proceed another 300 m to meet bridge under railway line. Go under bridge and west along path with the River Stinchar to north to arrive at crossroads (5 KM) . Turn right, cross bridge and arrive in Colmonell (1 Km).

Also part of the Whithorn Way – . courtesy of the WWSG where a detailed route description with grid references is available.